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Feb 28, 2021
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Rules & Regulations of the contest. 1) Answer the strategies by doing your research for the 4 tasks given below. 2) Make a carousel post of it & add hashtag #shreyasdevershetty , Follow me on Instagram & tag my Instagram page (@shreyasdevershetty) to it. 3) Attach all the screenshots of the posts in the comment section below & share your feedback on the same. NOTE: Tagging, Following & Adding hashtag in the Instagram post is mandatory as well as attaching all those screenshots in the below comment section (not in the forum as a post) is also compulsory, without it your participation in the contest wouldn't be accepted. The best solutions for the same will be selected & gifted. More Benefits: Other people can share your feedbacks on the any post so that it help others build their strategy properly. (A mere help can change their point of view) TASK 1: List Down your Value System & Core Competencies, which you think is suitable for your business type. TASK 2: Take MBTI Personality Test & share your feedback on which personality will your personality go well with & why? TASK 3: List down your Activities to be processed for the next 6 months to reach your targets both short term & Long term. TASK 4: Create your archetype & list down the step by step activities on how you are progressing or planning to progress. Give your best shot & be luck enough to win the contest, All you've to do is research how to approach to the problem & give a solution to the above-mentioned questions. Stay tuned to know the lucky winners, that will be revealed on Sunday, March 06th on my Instagram Page.
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